Narcissus Reflects On The Year

The story goes that Narcissus was so full of himself that he ignored potential partners that tried to get his attention. He was led to a pool of water by Nemesis and became so infatuated with his own reflection that he was incapable of doing anything else. Nothing else was worth his time. He loved his own reflection so much that he couldn’t pull himself away and died on the spot.

You are likely thinking about your sales plan for the new year. If you are like me, you are:

Checking status on your biggest deals to ensure they are thriving; you’re trying to close some last-minute revenue; you’ll spend some time lamenting the deals that were lost; you’ll be resentful of the deals you lost on price and grumble a little, and you’ll vow to not let that happen again. Then a wave of enthusiasm will hit- You’ll say “This year is going to be my year! I can do this! I need a plan!”

What you do next will make or break the year!

Too often people and organizations begin to look inward at this moment. They reflect on how they structure, what their sales process is, whether or not the tools are up to date, they adjust pricing, and they leave out one important component- The CUSTOMER.

We often lie down on the edge of the water and begin to reassure ourselves of all the things we do right, all the things we like about what we sell, and all the competitive advantages we have, then we commit to fixing a couple blemishes. All of this self-reflection can be a healthy start to the planning process but it must be coupled with insight from your customers and prospects, otherwise we risk getting so self-absorbed we forget to account for needs and desires of the people who pay the invoices. We bypass our partners, just like Narcissus.

Your competition is on vacation for the next couple weeks or so. Why don’t you use this time to find out why people buy from you and build a plan around that?

You can enter the new year lying on the bank, looking at your reflection or you can begin the year fueled by a plan that is built around the exact reason customers buy from you.

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