Why no one calls you back

Your last call or email was about you, not them.

Imagine for a minute you are Prince(ss) Charming. You’re good-looking, confident, polite, strong and fit, financially stable- what a catch! If you were looking for your perfect castle dwelling, life long companion would you begin by making a list of candidates and having a squire tell them how wonderful you are? Would you begin a note with “I’d like to hear about problems you might be experiencing?” If you had chance to see them at the ball do you think you’d score a dance if you started with “I’m the best deal in the kingdom!”

The answer is “No.” If you did any of those things, you’d be lonely. (If any of those ideas appealed to you, seek the advice of a friend before you go out.)

We expect Prince(ss) Charming to sweep us off our feet. A well-timed compliment, bring me a flower, notice the detail in my outfit, ask about my interests, request my favorite song to dance to….

The earlier it is in the relationship, the more it has to be about them, not you.

Before you send another email or make that phone call take a minute to find out something about them. What is important? What is on their mind? What challenges have they had? How well is their business doing? What article or news blurb can you compliment them on? What project are they involved in? What event can you invite them to that they will benefit from? Who can you introduce them to that they will appreciate?

Believe me, if you take time to focus on your prospect before you reach out, it won’t take them long to figure out how charming you are.


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