Here Is The Sales Leader’s Most Important Question…

“What can we close today?”

Sure, ask how their weekend was. Of course, find out about the spouse and kids…make some small talk. It is important to connect with your team and find out what drives them.

Inevitably, you’ll spend time reviewing their recent deals. I bet you’ll analyze their sales funnel to death. You will most certainly get chance to offer some good coaching.

However, the most important question a sales leader asks is “What can we close today?” It should be one of the first things you ask as you get down to business. A salesperson’s primary function is to close deals and a sales leader’s primary role is to help them realize revenue effectively and efficiently. There is nothing more important for either of you than pushing deals across the finish line.

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Over the next few weeks ask this question to every single salesperson you engage with. Ask it at the start of the conversation. Ask it every time you talk to them. When you do, something wonderful will happen: they will start asking themselves that question when you’re not around; they will start anticipate you asking and will have some answers ready next time you show up;  they will feel supported knowing you are there to help them close if they need it; and they may actually close some stuff today.

Wouldn’t that be nice?!

Feel free to reach out and let me know how this works.

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One thought on “Here Is The Sales Leader’s Most Important Question…

  1. I love the article Mark. I like the content! Please keep producing!

    That said, I’d love to see an article written about the the road map to sales success or the win. In many cases companies hire good sales people, but fail to provide the secret strategy, sauce or road map that the best of the best before them have done to achieve the results they want with more consistency, larger volumes and in quicker fashion.

    What’s that formula? That’s what everyone wants to hear. It’s kind of like the folks that sell for New England Fat loss or Nutrisystem for example. If you follow this meal plan, accompanied by taking these vitamins and exercise we have a guarantee to the consumer that you’ll achieve this result or goal faster or in 90 days.

    I’d love to hear you’re thoughts or to see something written about this topic. Sun Tzo says, “the battle is won before it even begins” in The Art of War!


    Sales Admirer

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