Want To Sell More Effectively? Focus On Them. Here’s What That Means:

It’s about them…part 3 of 7.

Good salespeople quickly realize they can’t bring self centered marketing, storyboards, and ego to the table when selling. It turns prospects off, destroys credibility, and wastes time.

In this series we’ve been discussing the six sales imperatives that keep salespeople and their interactions with clients relevant and meaningful. Last week’s session: ‘It’s not about you’ reminded us that being self centered during initial engagements with our prospect is risky and unproductive. So, if that’s the case…who is it about? It’s about them- the prospect. If you just said the word “Duh” in your head, you’re not alone. It seems so obvious. Of course it’s about them. Well, if that’s the case, why does it get missed so often?

You can have an amazing product, outstanding service, and an unbelievable customer support program and still fail to hit your target. You prepared well, you got the right people around the table, and your sales presentation went amazingly, but you still didn’t make the sale. 


It’s possible you overlooked something. The buyer. There are 4 barriers of buying that must be cleared with every buyer if you are going to secure the sale and retain your customers. It goes without saying that your product or service must meet the needs of the buyer and their organization. As a good salesperson though, you also have to overcome the 4 buying barriers. 

Here they are:

  1. No Trust- The prospect senses that your intentions are selfish. 
  2. No Need- The prospect either doesn’t feel the need to act or doesn’t see any risk in delaying the solution.  
  3. No Help- The prospect has heard about your product or service, but they don’t see how it applies to them.
  4. No Satisfaction- The prospect (or people they know) has made decisions before that ended badly. 

Too often, salespeople don’t take the time and effort to research what the customer wants or needs. They fail to ask questions that uncover the buyer’s position, situation, or true desired state. Frankly, they spend too much time talking about themselves, their company, and how awesome they are, and too little time focused on the actual buyer. Buyers sense this immediately and throw up one of the 4 barriers, killing the deal. 

In order to overcome these barriers salespeople must recognize that our engagements have to be about the buyer. Thoughtful preparation must take place. At each stage of the selling process sellers need to do a check to ensure they have proactively addressed each potential barrier. They have to prepare in a way that makes the buyer feel comfortable, relieving tension that is often felt during the selling process. 

Think about it this way…..to address the 4 obstacles a seller should be thinking about the buyer position this way:

  1. No Trust- The prospect has to believe that you are someone they trust enough to do business with. 
  2. No Need- The prospect has to believe they even have a problem that needs a solution. 
  3. No Help- The prospect has to believe that your product or solution will actually help them accomplish with they’ve been tasked to do. 
  4. No Satisfaction- The prospect has to believe that your solution will not leave them with buyers’ remorse. 

Now, before your next sales call, prep n a way that reduces the likelihood of these barriers from ever coming up. Do the research, do the prep, and put yourself in the buyers shoes. 

At WinSource we teach sellers a methodology that not only shows how to overcome these barriers but to avoid them entirely. The model for our methodology is below. We’d love to show you more. 

Stay tuned for the other 4 sales imperatives. 

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