Sales Leaders- Want to see your team do something amazing? Here is a way to make it happen:

Create a buzzer beating moment.

Pick a sport, any sport….the most intense moments in any sport are often in the last seconds of the game. Search Google or YouTube and you will find tons of videos that show full court shots, photo finishes, amazing end zone leaps, super human jumps that snatch balls that should have gone over the wall, and goals or saves made that defy what mere mortals could be capable of. We watch these moments on the edge of our seat during overtime, sudden death, and while we keep one eye on the countdown clock.

We hold our breath knowing that often in these moments people show us their best.

[bctt tweet="We hold our breath knowing that often in these moments people show us their best."]

The game of sales can be long. If you want to see your people do extraordinary things, you have to set up buzzer beating moments every once in a while. Sometimes these moments happen naturally, like at the end of your fiscal year, end of commission period, etc. However, as sales leaders (coaches) we have an obligation to really push our people. You will have to create those moments by setting expectations, breaking big goals into smaller milestones, and running contests. Do something that will ratchet up the intensity. Those unbelievable moments not only contribute to game winning results, but they also make our salespeople realize they are capable of accomplishing what seemed impossible.

When was the last time you did that? When was the last time you set up a nail biting, breathtaking moment so your salespeople could show you some of the amazing things they are capable of? You are probably due.

If there is anything you’ve successfully done in the past or if you need ideas on how to inspire your team in the future, we should talk. I’m always game to discuss sales!


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Whaddya call a salesperson that can’t close….?


Ok, calm down, wait a minute, pull yourself together…. I was just kidding, Jim. (Jim is my best marketing buddy. That’s us is the picture. JK)

If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, you’ve likely told that joke at the company sales conference. If you’ve been in marketing for more than a day some pompous salesperson likely shared that little nugget with you during orientation.

There has been a divide between sales and marketing for as long as I can remember. If you ask marketers they’ll describe salespeople as ‘reckless, golf-loving, over commiters with huge expense accounts’. Those salespeople would likely reply that ‘marketers are flyer printing, color coordinating prudes, that care more about the trade show banners than revenue’. The finger-pointing that goes on when results are missed far exceed any hi-fives or back slapping that might come after a solid year of target attainment.

Those days of conflict should be long gone. Today, marketing should be ‘the tip of the spear’. I am here to say that if you are in sales and you don’t have a solid marketer or marketing plan in front of you then you are wasting precious energy.

You need a good marketing engine to drive sales! CLICK TO TWEET

As a salesperson you compete for three things in every deal- time, attention, and resources. Too many salespeople struggle getting a prospect’s attention. Many salespeople aren’t skilled in this area either. They resort to repeated calls or visits hoping to wear down the resolve of the prospect. I read once that it takes 12 touches to get a ‘yes’ from a prospect. What??? Who has that kind of time? Not me. I’m all for persistence, but doesn’t it make more sense to Win as fast as you can? Of course!

Today’s marketing is pretty bada$$. Digital marketing, automation, lead scoring, and crm enhancements make the marketing departments of 10 years ago look like something out of the Jurassic era.

Flyers, cold calling, and door knocking are….well….dead. I know, that’s a lot to take in. Breathe…. If you feel anxiety right now it’s because you aren’t well-connected with a solid marketing plan.

Lets change that. This week, let’s connect with marketing. I promise it will be a worthwhile investment. Seek out you CMO and ask for whatever is hot right now. You will not be disappointed. Ask Marketing to partner up over the next 90 days.

Here are a few ways they can help:

Customer personas: Marketing has already dialed in on who wants to buy from you. Couple this with an Ideal Customer Profile and you will be more productive with less touches.

Business cycle predictability: Marketing has tons of data on who buys and when. If you get your hands on that, you might find yourself being in the right place at the right time.

Web to lead marketing: There’s a good chance Marketing knows exactly the right moment to send something to your hottest prospects that will get a response. They have the tools and the know how. Put them to work!

Web forms: These prospect magnets can be used anywhere. Blogs, white papers, websites…the possibilities are endless and every one of them is a lead. Ask for them all to be sent to you.

Lead scoring: I bet your CMO has already developed this and is looking for a sales partner to test it with. Whether it’s in your CRM or not, the results are the same- the higher the score the less you’ll have to nurture them before close.

Digital campaigns: There is nothing like having a ton of work done on your behalf and getting it done in a nano second. Marketing can do that for you. Remember those 12 touches?  Marketing can take the first 6 or so off your hands. They can reach out to the right people, at the right time, about the right stuff. Then all you have to do is sell. Sweet, right?

I could go on and on and on. This is literally the tip of the iceberg. Marketing capabilities are growing fast. Social monitoring, IP tracking, and AI will accelerate marketing advancements even more.

Now, I suppose you may talk to your Marketing folks and perhaps they haven’t gotten to this point. There will be some companies that are slow to adopt. Then you should research a few of the things above and ask Marketing for them. Partner with Marketing to create these things. Believe me, they will appreciate your help.

Take some time this week and partner with Marketing. Make the investment. Break down any barriers that may exist.If you are in an organization that has this sales and marketing thing dialed in, call me or message me. I’d love to hear about it.

You need a good marketing engine to drive sales. Let’s get it going.

Happy selling.


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Leaders: You may be doing it wrong.

Invest your time like you would invest your money- In the places you will get the best return.

I want great returns on my investments. I can get that in a couple different ways:

First, I’d look for stocks that have a good rate of return. Steady performers that have good growth and a solid balance sheet. My buy in cost will be higher here, but the return will be steady and large.

Next, I’d scout for the next big performer. I’d look in the middle of the pack for companies that have a great profile, good potential, and require a moderate investment. I’d love to discover the next Amazon, Apple, or Keurig and watch it grow.

Last, once in a great while, under the right circumstances, I may throw a few dollars at some penny stocks and hope for the best, but I’m certainly not going to build a portfolio around them. I also want to be well aware of declining stocks, sucker bets, poorly run operations and shady companies that are looking to consume my resources and sap my positive outlook.

[bctt tweet=”Invest your time like you invest your money- In the places you will get the best return. “]

Leaders, how are you investing your time?

Are you spending all your time with penny stocks? I hope not, but the reality is that many are. Sadly, many leaders feel they must fix what is broken and in doing so, they neglect the best performers.

We wouldn’t invest in a plummeting stock, right? But we will give up an entire Tuesday to spend with Bill, who hasn’t hit his number in three consecutive periods. Meanwhile, Tracy, one of our President’s Club winners for the last three years is left alone. (‘Surely, she’ll call if she needs something’.) Absurd.

Your time is the equivalent of your investment dollars. You only have so much to invest. It is your job to maximize the return. You owe it yourself, your company, and your people to make wise, well thought out decisions about how you will invest.

Investing in your high performers costs more. You have to prepare better, you will need to clear bigger obstacles, and you will have to work really hard to get them to higher growth numbers. At this level, even a modest return is huge dollars. They also constantly perform, year after year after year. 20-40% of your investment should be made here.

Your mid level people should be mined for gems. Make consistent investments in this pool and you will not only find your next star, you will likely see great returns. Overall, we are in it for the long game, but stay aware of market trends that may cause this group to fluctuate-  you may see something that is worth heavy investment for a large, quick return or you may find yourself in a position to offload some deadweight before it drags your portfolio down. You will spend the majority of time managing this group so you can stay nimble, informed, and can make needed adjustments. Plan on dedicating 40-50% or your investable time here.

The remainder is yours to spend as you see fit. Take some risk, invest in a penny stock here and there if you like. There’s no harm in taking chances provided you aren’t betting the farm. Whatever you do, stop making investment in those who are showing a consistent, downward trend. Know when to call it a loss. Pay the brokerage fees and sell them off. Your team will thank you.

Go look at your calendar. Look at how you’ve allocated your time this week and next. Make sure you are investing your time like you’d invest your money. Leave the penny stocks for newer investors. You go make wise, thoughtful leadership decisions about your time that will get great returns that will provide for a comfortable retirement.

Let me know if I can help.

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