Sales Leaders- Want to see your team do something amazing? Here is a way to make it happen:

Create a buzzer beating moment.

Pick a sport, any sport….the most intense moments in any sport are often in the last seconds of the game. Search Google or YouTube and you will find tons of videos that show full court shots, photo finishes, amazing end zone leaps, super human jumps that snatch balls that should have gone over the wall, and goals or saves made that defy what mere mortals could be capable of. We watch these moments on the edge of our seat during overtime, sudden death, and while we keep one eye on the countdown clock.

We hold our breath knowing that often in these moments people show us their best.

[bctt tweet="We hold our breath knowing that often in these moments people show us their best."]

The game of sales can be long. If you want to see your people do extraordinary things, you have to set up buzzer beating moments every once in a while. Sometimes these moments happen naturally, like at the end of your fiscal year, end of commission period, etc. However, as sales leaders (coaches) we have an obligation to really push our people. You will have to create those moments by setting expectations, breaking big goals into smaller milestones, and running contests. Do something that will ratchet up the intensity. Those unbelievable moments not only contribute to game winning results, but they also make our salespeople realize they are capable of accomplishing what seemed impossible.

When was the last time you did that? When was the last time you set up a nail biting, breathtaking moment so your salespeople could show you some of the amazing things they are capable of? You are probably due.

If there is anything you’ve successfully done in the past or if you need ideas on how to inspire your team in the future, we should talk. I’m always game to discuss sales!


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